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Reward-Based Training Principles Unfortunately Don't Translate to Animal Welfare Philanthropy
[Posted: 02/27/2013]
In the field of animal training, we use the principle of operant conditioning. A mindful trainer recognizes good behavior and rewards the animal for it. As that behavior becomes reliably performed - the bar of expectation is raised (and rewarded) as the performance continues to improve. In adhering to this principle the animal seeks to repeat the better behavior! Once the desired behavior is developed and learned with reward-based reinforcement, the trainer will not reward a less than acceptable performance in the context it would be expected. If the animal is rewarded for a less- than-expected performance, they learn it can behave at a lower level of performance but still be rewarded. When this happens the animal continues to perform at a less than optimum potential. Why seek to do better?

A large animal service organization has the privilege of a brand name and marketing professionals who make the organization.s presence in the community a household name. But being a well-recognized name doesn.t mean that the organization is performing at any level of expectation. In fact, it can perform at a less than desired level of performance and still be the recipient of high-value rewards. Q. What happens when this occurs? A. There is no incentive to improve as the reward-provider (donor) has reinforced a lower expectation of performance and that lowered level of performance continues with little-to-no incentive to improve. Learn how this works in Indianapolis by visiting An Open Letter to the Nina Pulliam Trust Board of Trustees.

Rescue Rally 2012 Round Up!
[Posted: 02/27/2013]
Twelve Small, All-Volunteer Rescues (SAVR.s) participated in the two-month Rescue Rally that resulted in 300 beautiful animals leaving IACC alive!! These same twelve organizations were responsible for 1,532 animals leaving IACC alive in 2012. These organizations received $4,550 of awards to off-set the expense of this life-saving ministry thanks to private and corporate support of the Rescue Rally. If you would like support those organizations that make this life saving effort their mission, please consider supporting the move to ACT Rescue Rally. To learn more, visit Rescue Rally 2012 Awards Evening.

Rescue Rally 2012 is happening!
[Posted: 10/08/2012]
All-volunteer animal rescue organizations work non-stop and without recognition at their life-saving efforts to assure at-risk animals leave our municipal shelter alive. They work without putting resources towards self-promotion, mail services or professional fund-raisers as does the larger, institutional brand name organization. The cost to vet these animals can be $200-$1,000 + each. The Rescue Rally recognizes, rewards and celebrates the Rally participants. A donation to the Rescue Rally has compounding advantages and 100% of your donation goes directly to the life-saving efficiency performed by these small rescues. When considering a donation to animal welfare, please consider move to ACT.s Rescue Rally.

Donations can be made here.

Let them live . Just One Day
[Posted: 06/06/2012]
On Monday, June 11, 2012, communities all over the United States will suspend the population-control killing of healthy and treatable animals for just one day. Local animal organization Move to Act is inviting ALL local animal rescue organizations to participate in "Let them live...just one day." Indy Style.

Move to ACT Rescue Rally Winners!
[Posted: (better late than never!): 05/09/2012]
The winners of the Rescue Rally, .Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work. are local animal rescue organizations and can be viewed here. These small, all-volunteer organizations receive little-to-no recognition, and donations they do receive go directly to helping at-risk animals.

The Move to ACT Rescue Rally 2011-2012 is underway!
[Posted: 11/11/2011]
A unique opportunity for the public to help small, efficient, all-volunteer rescue organizations save lives at Indiana's largest kill shelter is back again! Read about the Rescue Rally.

Southside Animal Shelter and local advocate Diane Richards, who tirelessly lobbies to shut down puppy mills, take action.
[Posted: 10/23/2010]
If you are looking to help an animal shelter that goes the "extra mile" to help animals in need, Southside Animal Shelter can use your help. Read more about this undertaking.

To learn more about the Indiana puppy mill campaign, visit here.

Local organization is offering $2,000 in rewards for rescuing dogs from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) during "Rescue Rally!"
[Posted: 10/23/2010]
If you are a rescue partner with IACC and would like to participate for a $1,000 reward for saving lives, read more here.

There's an Exciting New Avenue of Hope for Shelter Animals in the Indianapolis area, one that brings the Animals to the People
[Posted: 2/25/2010]
Read about "reTails" here.

The language of Indianapolis Animal Welfare
[Posted: 1/18/2010]
Learn more here: www.movetoact.org

The Language of Dogs Seminar: ? Understanding Canine Body Language and Other Communication Signals?
[Posted: 8/25/2008]
Presented by Sarah Kalnajs.
Learn more here:http://www.daycareforthedogs.com/seminar.htm.

Humane Society of Indianapolis Announces Changes in Management Structure
[Posted June 18, 2008]
Boden has stepped down as CEO; HSI will seek Executive Director. Read more here: http://www.movetoact.org/press_rls_boden.html.

Doggone Connection declines Better Business Bureau membership invitation
[Posted March. 25, 2007]
See more of this article here.

Groups' Selfless Efforts to Protect Public Charitable Trust
[Posted Aug. 16, 2005]
Follow up to "Rebuild the Trust Campaign" Click here for details.

Doggone Connection Trainers Recognized For Their Achievements [Posted Aug. 16, 2006]
Christina Curtis: International Disc Dog Handlers' Association World Champion!   Click here for more details.
Eileen Udry: "Helping those serving time train those serving others." Click here for more details

Indy Tails Magazine: "Best Private Training in Town" [Posted 09/12/05]
See more at the article found here.

Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound [Posted 08/02/05]
Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound (WAH) launched its third season this June and a great one at that! Initially a venture between Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC), Doggone Connection, and IUPUI School of Physical Education, WAH got its start on the grounds of the White River Park with the help of the National Institute for Fitness & Sport (NIFS) in September of 2003. Its popularity and potential to grow soon became apparent.and grow it has! Click here for the more.

Relinquishment Prevention / Behavior Training for Fosters and Adopters [Posted 01/07/05]
Training instruction offered to animal rescue organzations in central Indiana. Click here for details.

Home for Friendless Animals [Posted 06/10/04]
We have recently become acquainted with the genuine spirit of affection and caring of the beautiful people who surround this facility. "Rescuing Junior" is a wonderful article by board members, Denney and Nancy Welchel.

Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound [Posted 06/10/04]
This program kicked off it's second year with a successful start on June 5th!

"Move to Act" Initiative Launched [Posted 02/20/04]
Failing confidence in The Humane Society of Indianapolis generates campaign to "Rebuild the Trust." This campaign invites the readers to "take action" on behalf of thousands of animals. Visit http://www.movetoact.org/dear_friends.htm and learn more about this crisis and how you can "move to act" to help this agency get back on course! Thanks in advance for your help.

Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound [Posted 12/14/03]
We always are excited when good things happen for animals as a result of collaborative efforts. Dr. Udry shares with us just such an event in her report on the "Walk A Hound/Lose a Pound"program that happened recently in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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